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The store is an experiential zone where one can live and breathe the products.

Each brand available at Mihaus, as enumerated below, gives the complete flexibility and control to the owner to use as per will.Each brand provides complete customisation options. From a choice of speakers most acoustically suited to the design of the surroundings to the colour of the television, each space would be created to speak the language of its user.

Get the lowdown on the best global gadgets that made it to the Mihaus inventory


Defined by its distinctive lines, perfectly flat surfaces, and circular buttons, Mobiado phones aare regarded as an icon of modernism. They deal in exquisitely designed mobiles alone, and offer finishes like sapphire-crystal and aircraft aluminium. The iconic brand was founded by Peter Bonac in 2004.



The German Loewe group specializes in the field of consumer and communication technology in the luxury segment. The brand has expanded to include televisions, Blu-ray players, DVD recorders, hard disk recorders, multiroom systems, speakers and racks.


AudioPro - Sound of Scandinavia

The brand has been in business from 1978 and creates loudspeakers. They make speakers that not only sound good, but score high on audio test.


PodSpeakers by Scandyna

They have married design with the latest technology to deliver superb performance, without bulky boxes. Enjoy the award-winning speaker designs from the 1990s with a modern makeover from their Danish HQ. Accessories like bass-boosting subwoofers, mounts and brackets are also a part of the line.


People of Lava Sweden

These are premium LED TV's and motorized, remote controlled accessories. See, show and share, on through the futuristic technology that's styled superbly.



In our endeavour to bring you the best, we would want you to engage with us, share experiences and product feedback, not only of products that we represent but those that you have seen or wish to see. We would want to hear from you which brands we should showcase next and where we can improve.


Please post in your experiences at our stores, pictures of your home, installations or anything which links our MIHAUS with your MIHAUS, after all its all about our individual spaces and we will share it with the World.

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