Mihaus is an experiential zone that brings the individual personality and preferences for the audio visual needs to life. It is a collection of the best and purest brands from across the World in the electronics segment which is at the conflux between art and technology. Each brand presented here is an extension of the self while seamlessly harmonising with each other to create a unique and customised solution for every client. The store is conceptualised so as to offer a client choice but so as not to cannibalise the selections. The brands are few but with unlimited customisation options. Each brand presented here is selected based on the 5 pronged core philosophy:

  • Design – Iconic design with aesthetic values
  • Easy to pick – Limited selection
  • Easy to initialize – Hassle free installation and seamless integration across products
  • Easy to use – Intuitive usage
  • Technology – Matured, proven and time tested

The Idea

It was in a brainstorming session, that the idea of Mihaus was born. It was a collective thinking that stores across categories and geographies cater to only 1 or 2 lines of products. The client's choice is thus limited to the range of a particular brand and one cannot choose the best of each to create a customised solution.

This forced the team to rethink, from where they embarked on a journey which we hope will change the face of the segment. Not only did they first handpick brands from across the World, each with its unique history and brand values but at the same time technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing to the discerning eye. The idea was to make available in one place, everything that a client may need or desire in the audio visual arena. The aim is to cater to clients across the world who wants the best from across the arena at their disposal. Each country and its clients, with their unique tastes and preferences would have the luxury to choose and identify products suited to their need which seamlessly and aesthetically fit into their interiors and lives.

The store has to be an experiential zone where one can live and breathe the products.

The Mihaus stores across countries would create the same feel and ambience as that of an individual house where technology is an extension of the self rather than an obstruction of wires. The product suite could vary due to cultural differences and preferences but the ethos and spirit would be the common thread. Each brand available on the shelves would be handpicked so as to fulfil a latent desire of the customer, henceforth undiscovered.

Leadership Team

Dr. Naveen Rao, CEO

Dr. Naveen Rao, is the visionary who founded the Sentro M group in 1997. He is a Medicine graduate from the prestigious Moscow Medical Stomatological Institute, but he was a passionate entrepreneur at heart, which led to the formation of the multi million-dollar group. Through the years he was instrumental in the creation of successful entities such as Delmos Aviation, Delmos Cargo, Navshiv Retail Pvt. Ltd.

Mihaus, the dream project of Dr. Rao and he has ensured in all respects that this venture would be a global success and extend the glory of the group to new frontiers.

Ms. Charu Makin, Director

Ms. Charu Makin heads the vital function of Sales & Marketing for Navshiv retail. She is person who adds a lot of diversity to the organization through her rich experience in fields of law, banking and marketing. She has a Management Degree from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. She is an able leader who is committed to deliver results for the organisation. She plays an instrumental role in carving out the sales strategy and implementing it on the field. Her consistent efforts transformed the company in to efficient sales driven organisation.

Mr. Dharamvir, Executive Director

Among the first Indians to graduate from Moscow State University in 1972. In 1983, he began his career as an entrepreneur and exporter to Russia/USSR. And has worked as a consultant to various TATA group companies for the market of Russia/USSR. As a Director /Shareholder of the Agio group of companies, Singapore, pioneered setting up the largest trading venture in Russia, dealing in computers / electronics/ pharmaceuticals/household and consumer goods etc. He successfully established brands like Toshiba medical equipments, Konica products, and Epson photocopiers in Russia.


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