The Offerring

With a first of its kind concept, Mihaus ensures success by ensuring you reach the largest target market in the shortest possible time. The different lines of products with a common underlying theme, ensure cross pollination opportunities like no other. It showcases each product in a unique way without cluttering the offering.

Product lines

We at Mihaus aim to bring the leading luxury electronic brands together who are leaders in their segment. Brands could range from docking station to home theater to LED or any other luxury electronic brand which pledges to enhance the lifestyle of our clients. We are willing to experiment with different product lines as long as the product fits with our core strategy of design, luxury, easy to pick, easy to initialize and easy to use.


The team consists of people who have worked with leading brands across the globe, helping the brands to grow, increase penetration in developed markets and also explore newer markets. They have established the standards of retail for electronics and other lifestyle stores during their tenors.

Our expertise in logistics and distribution, gathered over 15 years is always an added advantage. We provide global and local warehousing support and liasoning for all licences and permissions as well.

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